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Great Opportunities for Individuals, Families, School Groups, Corporate Team Building, Nonprofits +


1.  It is a great way to connect with the community.
2.  You can do it individually, or as part of a group.
3.  Volunteers have lots of fun.
4.  You get cool swag too.
5.  Earn service hours for your effort.

Volunteers are an essential part of our events and we could not do what we do without their support. Volunteering is fun. It really is. As a Run Toledo Volunteer you get to spend your time around awesome people and connect with, and give back to our local community.

What more could you ask for? Oh, volunteer swag of course — and we also make sure you stay hydrated and don’t get hangry. Our Volunteer Incentive Program gives you VIP status, earning you points towards rewards like free race entries and Dave’s Running Shop swag.

Run Toledo Volunteers


RTV — Are you someone who likes to give back to the community? Do you like to be part of a big event, provide joy to others, and receive perks for donating your time and energy? Perhaps you identify with the cause the event supports, or want to do things with a group of co-workers, or hope to meet new people. Whatever your motivations, the Run Toledo Volunteer (RTV) program is a great way to get involved.

You’ve probably seen our Run Toledo Ambassadors (RTA) around town in their blue gear and wondered how you could get involved in a way that didn’t involve running. Well, the RTV program has been developed to give you this opportunity. We are looking for positive people who are willing to donate a few hours of their time at local events. Our events support tens of thousands of individuals’ personal fitness goals and raise tens of thousands of dollars for local nonprofit organizations. In return, you’ll be recognized as a sustaining volunteer and take home a bunch of great perks.


*Click/tap the button for the event at which you’re interested in volunteering, or send us an email to be added to the list to receive information about other volunteering opportunities in the Toledo area.


    GET STARTED: Signup for a task online through our volunteer registration portal.

    EARN POINTS: Our expert staff assigned a point value to volunteer tasks based on expected time commitment for each task. The more you volunteer, the more points you can earn.

    WHO CAN EARN POINTS: The points program is designed for individual volunteers. Group (i.e school, non-profit, etc.) volunteers have the opportunity to receive donations to the group they represent and will want to contact us for specific instructions prior to signing up. We don’t discriminate. We love all volunteers; groups, teams, clubs, families, individuals and students who need service hours.

    REDEEM POINTS: When you’re ready to redeem what you’ve earned, email us to verify your points and receive coupon codes for races or store apparel.

    We’re happy you clicked on the volunteer link and would love to see you out there soon. If you want to help out but don’t really know what to do, just email Volunteer Coordinator, Michelle Barga, from the form above and she’ll be happy to find the best fit for you.

    Run Toledo Volunteer


    Prepare packet pickup bags with future race flyers and assorted sponsor items. Picture walking around a table in circles while laughing and bonding with friends.

    Verify participant identification, assign bib numbers, present individual with a race swag and remind them to grab their safety pins. This can be in the evening pre-race, or on race day morning and is a great way to meet our local running community and get to know them by name.

    This is the life source for runners during a race. You’ll be stationed at a specific location and focused on directing runners along the route, while protecting them from traffic. You’ll be equipped with important race information to help communicate what mile they are at, how far until the next aid station and where the nearest potty is. It is recommended to bring a chair, water, and light snack for this task depending on location and timeframe. Depending on the season, sunscreen, bug spray, rain jacket, gloves, hat and other items are helpful. At check-in, you’ll be given a course map with all of your instructions and important phone numbers, a safety vest and caution flags. Don’t forget you’re also a cheerleader. so be sure to bring along that cowbell and even a portable speaker to play music.

    See how quickly you can empty your table of water and Gatorade cups, while someone else simultaneously, frantically tries to keep your table stocked with full cups. You’ll become skilled at holding two cups in the palm of each hand with arms extended outward, calling out whether you have water or Gatorade. You may even get wet and sticky — bonus!

    Did you think races appeared overnight? No way! With our expert team, you can help unload trucks and trailers to assemble the race starting line and finish line.  You may also be asked to help set up course markers and after-party areas, as well as putting everything back in the truck at the end of the event.