Yes, all of our events are timed with the latest chip timing equipment and software. This allows us to provide each participant with a level of detail in their results that helps enrich the race experience.

Race apparel is chosen, in part, based on expected fit for a wide-variety of body types and preferences. We try to publish manufacturer sizing for each apparel item, when possible. Unisex sizing typically runs from x-small to 2x-large. Male sizing for gender specific items usually runs from small to 2x-large, and female sizing for gender specific items usually runs from x-small to 2x-large.

We cannot exchange shirts selected during registration at early packet pickup. You may bring the shirt you selected during registration, unworn, to packet pickup on race day after the race to exchange it for available inventory. We cannot however guarantee availability of another size/fit.

If you signed up after the guarantee deadline and did not receive a shirt at packet pickup, you may check with packet pickup after you finish the race on race day to see if there are any unclaimed shirts in your desired size/fit. This is not guaranteed.

Any items/packets left unclaimed after the start of the race on race day will be made available to registrants and for exchange. Should there be remaining items after race day, you may pickup your unclaimed items during normal business hours at Dave’s Running Shop in Perrysburg for one week following the race. Items are typically available in the afternoon on Monday following the race.

All of our races, except those finishing inside a stadium, are dog-friendly. Dogs must be on a maximum 6′ non-retractable leash, and we ask that you keep the dog close to you so as not to inadvertently trip others.

Unless otherwise specified, awards are available immediately after each race, on race day only. Any unclaimed awards will be available during store hours at Dave’s Running Shop in Perrysburg for one week following the race, usually beginning on the Monday afternoon following the race.

Yes. Our events are stroller-friendly. We ask that you remain aware of other participants around you at all times, so as not to clip/trip them with the stroller.

As long as there are spots open in the run/walk race field, you may register online all the way up to a few minutes prior to the start of the race on race day. Complete your online registration prior to getting in line for packet pickup.

Multi-sport registration ends at the close of early packet pickup, with no race-day registration available.

Bundled events, like the Run the 419 Series, are not eligible for individual event transfers, deferments, nor refunds. Please contact us for additional details.

Yes. Each individual event does have its own time limit though. These are based on the permits in each jurisdiction, so check each event page to be sure you can make the cutoff while walking. On average, an individual will walk one mile in 20 minutes or less, so you would likely be able to complete a 3.1 (5k) mile course in just about one hour.

If the race utilizes corrals and wave starts, participants will be assigned based on their expected finish time and event-specific guidelines. Your race bib will note which corral you will stage in prior to the race and will coincide with signs near the start line. Lineup behind the sign that corresponds with what’s listed on your bib and self-seed based on your comfort level (faster runners in the front of the corral, slower in the back). Corrals will start in waves with the first wave beginning at the posted start time of the race, and each subsequent wave starting after. Sometimes corrals will all start together. Other times there will be a 60-90 second gap between each wave. How each event will handle corrals and waves will be noted in that race’s specific race-week emails to registrants.

If you decide you’d like to make a change to your registration details, you can do so up to 14 days prior to the scheduled race day via your RunSignup profile. Things you can change:

  • Contact information
  • Shirt size/fit (giveaway)
  • Transfer event
  • Transfer bib
  • Question responses
  • Add-on an item
  • Corral
  • Fundraiser or donations

If you decide you’d like to transfer your registration/bib to another person, you can do so up to 14 days prior to the scheduled race day via your RunSignup profile.

This process is managed online by you, and must be completed in order for the other person to gain entry and receive a bib/packet. Additional processing fees may apply, per event.

Follow this tutorial to walk you through the person-to-person transfer process.

If you decide you’d like to switch races from that which you’re already registered, you can do so up to 14 days prior to the scheduled race day via your RunSignup profile. This process is managed online by you. Additional processing fees may be necessary, per event.

Follow this tutorial to walk you through the event transfer process.

Many of our races include a free finish line video feed. After these races, the video will be uploaded and synced with your results. Once online, you’ll be able to click the video link in your personal results to be directed to the snippet of the full video just prior to you crossing the finish line. This is a free perk of the premier races.

At least one charity partner is associated with almost all of Run Toledo’s events. We donate directly to these charities from the proceeds. Participant donations and fundraising income through our registration platform also goes directly to the charity. Participants are encouraged to donate directly to the charity during registration and/or setup a fundraiser tied to their participation.

Each race has a different amount of hydration stations (water stops), depending on the distance and route.

  • Volunteers will staff tables, handing out filled cups.
  • Tables will be spaced out to reduce congestion.
  • The first set of tables will be distributing water.
  • The second set of tables will be distributing electrolyte drink (if being served at that race).
  • The final set of tables will distribute energy gel (if being served at that race).
  • Keep moving through all sets of tables before stepping aside to drink fluids, ingest gel, or for any other reason.
  • Dispose of cups in receptacles lining the course for a good distance after the tables.
  • TIP: Squeeze the top of the cup to sip fluids as you keep moving. This will keep the liquid from splashing out and/or getting too much in your mouth at once.

Run Toledo offers many racing distances from short kids dashes to 3 milers and ultra marathons. Here is the breakdown of popular distances in miles:

  • 5k = 3.1 miles
  • 8k = 4.97 miles
  • 10k = 6.2 miles
  • 15k = 9.3 miles
  • Quarter Marathon = 6.55 miles
  • Half Marathon = 13.1 miles
  • Marathon = 26.2 miles
  • Ultra Marathon = 31 miles or more

With either four (4) safety pins (available at packet pickup), or attached to a bib belt (available at Dave’s Running Shop), attach your race bib to your lower torso on the front of your body. Why? Because this makes it visible to our timers, safety personnel, race crew and photographers. Your bib number must be visible in order to maximize the safety and perks of your race day experience.

We are Run Toledo Inc. Run Toledo (a Dave’s Running company) is a trusted running and multi-sport (triathlon, duathlon & aquabike) event design, management, apparel and timing services company specializing in large events (typically with greater than 1,000 participants). Many of our personnel are also Toledo Roadrunner Club members.

The Toledo Roadrunner Club (TRRC) is a long-time local non-profit running club. We work with the club on their events such as the Mercy Health Glass City Marathon and Churchill’s Half Marathon, but TRRC and Run Toledo Inc. are unrelated entities.

Age limits for our races are based on USATF guidelines for maintaining the developmental safety of youth. Minimum age limits (age on race day) for each of our distances are as follows:

  • Kids events = 2-15 (varies by event)
  • 5k or less = 6
  • 8k = 9
  • 10k = 9
  • Quarter marathon = 9
  • Half marathon = 13
  • Marathon = 16
  • Ultra marathon = 18

1. Helmets and Chinstraps: Helmets must be worn and securely fastened at all times while in possession of your bike. This means from the time you remove your bike from the rack at the start of the bike leg, until after you have placed your bike on the rack at the finish of the bike leg. 

2. Unauthorized Assistance: No assistance other than that offered by race staff (including volunteers), medical officials and active participants may be used. A participant shall not physically assist the forward progress of another participant on any part of the course. 

3. Non-Draft Legal Bike Position Rules: Athletes must ride right and only move left to complete a legal pass and must not block athletes attempting a legal pass. Athletes must not pass on the right. Drafting is not allowed. An athlete should not attempt to complete a pass unless the athlete is highly confident in their ability to complete the pass in the allotted amount of time. Once an athlete enters the draft zone of another cyclist there is only one exit and that is out the front. 

4. Entire Course: Athletes must complete the race course in its entirety and as prescribed including in segment order. 

5. Headphones and Communication devices: Participants may carry a phone (such as, mounted on bike handlebars or in an arm band), but may not use communication devices of any type, including but not limited to cell phones, smart watches, and two-way radios, in any distractive manner during the competition. A “distractive manner” includes but is not limited to making or receiving phone calls, sending or receiving text messages, playing music, using social media, taking photographs or using in a one- or two-way radio communication. Using any communication device in this manner during the competition may result in disqualification. 

6. Glass Containers: Glass containers are prohibited. Bringing a glass container into transition may result in disqualification. 

7. Race numbers: All athletes are required to wear race numbers at all times during the run. Numbers must be clearly visible at all times. Numbers may not be altered in any way that prevents clear identification. 

8. Race number Transferring: Do not transfer your number to any other athlete or take a number from an athlete that is not competing. The penalty for doing so is Disqualification and one year suspension from membership in USAT for transferring a number without race director permission.

Course time limits are based on criteria including but not limited to the distance of the race, city permits for the event, the course itself and number of participants. Course limits for each event will be listed on the event page of our website. Our general course limits are:

  • 5k = 1 hour
  • 8k = 1.5 hours
  • 10k = 2 hours
  • 15k = 2 hours
  • Quarter marathon = 2 hours
  • Half marathon = 3 hours
  • Marathon = 6 hours
  • Ultra marathon = 24 hours

We will require a few things to pickup your race packet, or someone else’s. Other than your photo ID, other items may be required depending on the event, and will be communicated to you as far in advance as possible.

  1. Your photo ID.
  2. Your signed health waiver, as necessary.
  3. Your complete vaccination card, as necessary.
  4. Your USA Triathlon Member ID card (if a multi-sport event).
  5. Copy or photo on mobile device of others’ photo ID, their printed and signed health waiver, and a copy or photo on mobile device of their complete vaccination card (as necessary).
  6. Per USA Triathlon rules, you may NOT pickup anyone else’s packet for a multi-sport event.

If you have a smart device with a camera, the QR code on the front of your BIB can be scanned to take you directly to your individual results, where you’ll also be able to find your photos and video. Scan the code by logging into your device, enabling the camera and centering the code in the frame. Depending on your device and software, an webpage should appear on the screen for you to click on and load. Older devices may require an additional app and/or actions, but newer devices handle this automatically.

The giveaway apparel piece size and fit selected for each event is guaranteed to each registrant up to a particular date. This is typically 7 to 10 days prior to the first day of packet pickup, but will vary based on the item.

After this deadline, size, fit and other available options will be limited to remaining inventory. If a size/fit is available to you during registration after the deadline, you will be able to select the option prior to checkout. If the size/fit is greyed out, it is no longer available.

RTA stands for Run Toledo Ambassador. These individuals of varying ages and abilities enjoy an active lifestyle and helping others enjoy their race experience. This is a role that anyone can apply to be a part of during any publicized registration window.

To make each race safe and enjoyable for runners and walkers of all ages and abilities, we ask that you self-seed your corral based on your expected finish time and skill level. The start line should consist of the elite runners only, with corral 1/A consisting of the fastest participants. Within each subsequent corral, stage where you feel as though you can start without having to pass or be passed by a lot of other participants in that corral. If you are pushing a stroller, please be aware of others in front of you at all times. If running with a dog, they must be on a maximum 6′ non-retractable leash; please keep them close to you until out on the course, so that they don’t inadvertently trip others. Walkers should always line up in the last corral and start in the final wave (unless there is a separate walk event start time).

With the majority of our events consisting of over 1,000 participants, being aware of some basic rules-of-the-road will help make the day enjoyable for everyone.

  1. Review the event page on this website, in-depth.
  2. Read your pre-race emails.
  3. Know the course before you get to the race.
  4. Listen to emcee announcements pre-race.
  5. Follow all safety protocol for the race.
  6. Lineup in the proper corral.
  7. Be courteous and maintain space between yourself and others.
  8. Be patient running through the start line. It’s the most congested area on the course.
  9. Call out “passing on your left/passing on your right” when passing someone in front of you.
  10. Follow a consistent line when turning corners, so you don’t cutoff someone on the inside of you.
  11. Keep running through a water stop and move off to the side before walking or stopping to hydrate.
  12. If wearing headphones, keep the volume low enough so you can hear direction from race staff, marshals, volunteers and police. (we recommend AfterShokz)
  13. Avoid running more than two-abreast and blocking the course.
  14. Keep moving through the finish chute, on to the refreshments.
  15. Line the fencing and cheer others across the finish line.

We offer a very friendly registration and refund policy that is listed on each event page of our website, as well as on the registration website.

After you complete the online registration process for any of our events, you’ll receive a confirmation email with all the information and links you need for attending and participating in the race. Packet pickup times and locations will be sent in a separate email to you as we get closer to race week.

Once runners begin crossing the finish line on race day, results can be viewed online. You can scan the QR code on your BIB, or visit the results link from the race page of our website immediately after finishing to see results.

Race day photographs are made available online as soon as possible after the race. Participants will be able to view and download for free, all available photographs via their individual results page. We’ll send an email and post on social media when photos are online. Once photos are published, they will sync with your results as long as your bib is properly worn and visible. If you don’t see photos of you, you can search the database and tag yourself when found, or you can view the full race album online in Dave’s Running Photo Albums. Higher resolution photographs may be available for purchase directly from the photographer. We recommend getting to know them at the races.

The course map for each race is published on the individual event page of this website. We’ll also include links to the course maps on the registration website and in race-week emails.

Possible reasons you may not be able find your results include:

  1. Not wearing your bib.
  2. Damaged chip on back of bib.
  3. Not running over timing mats.
  4. Registration setup as “anonymous.”
  5. Incomplete bib transfer.

Most of our events offer at least one day of early packet pickup, while many offer more than one in multiple locations around town to make it convenient for you to attend. The benefits to picking up your packet early include:

  1. Short lines.
  2. Speedy pickup.
  3. Convenient access.
  4. Additional packet swag.
  5. Ability to get questions answered before the race.
  6. Later arrival time on race day.
  7. You’ll get to the start line relaxed and focussed on your race.

Our goal is to build lasting relationship and group participation by presenting quality, family-friendly, fun and healthy experiences for everyone of all ages and abilities to enjoy, while supporting the visibility and growth of our community through substantial charity partner contributions.

If you’re looking to experience great energy and atmosphere with over 1,000 others, at an affordable price, in a setting that offers a unique course, premium apparel, custom finisher medals and awards, as well as free photographs, grand finish lines, post-race parties and camaraderie that benefits multiple local nonprofits, Run Toledo events are for you.

We also offer many free and/or other low-cost, low-key, fun races throughout the year.

No. As a practice, all races will be run rain/wind/snow or shine, as scheduled. Should unsafe weather conditions such as lightening, tornado or extreme temperatures present on race day, the Race Director, in consultation with the safety team and Meteorologist, will delay the race as long as possible under the race permit and lighting conditions before cancelling.

We plan to race on the set day and time. Should an event need to be cancelled for any reason, we’ll attempt to reschedule if possible. If a race cannot be rescheduled, our standard registration and refund policy each participant confirms when acknowledging the waiver during signup will apply.

Races will not be cancelled for inclement weather. We run rain/wind/snow or shine. Unsafe conditions are addressed by Race Directors in collaboration with the safety team as part of their standard race processes.

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