Ensure we can race again sooner by wearing a mask, social distancing, washing hands and respecting each others’ well-being. — If you can’t follow the race-day rules, or have recently been exposed to COVID-19, please don’t attend.

As a leader in the road race management industry, Run Toledo has developed a comprehensive 11-point safety plan for returning to racing responsibly amidst the COVID-19 concerns. Our goal is to ensure that all participants, staff, volunteers and community partners remain as safe as possible while attending the event.

This plan addresses core aspects of road races. Each event will then develop a more specific safety plan based on its unique venue, type of event, number of participants, and impact on local health resources. These steps may be modified at any time, but will be communicated to registrants prior to race day.



Ahead of each race, we will outline specific safety procedures for participants, staff, volunteers and spectators. We’ll publish a detailed plan prior to race day and email it to all registrants.


We will offer virtual registration options so that those not comfortable attending in person, or cannot make a rescheduled date can participate and receive the perks package, as well as providing flexible deferment options for illness.


There will be no in-person registration on race day. To avoid prolonged close contact, everyone will be required to register online prior to attending packet pickup.


Available several days prior to race day, early packet pickup will follow social distancing guidelines and maintain a 6′ distance. We’ll avoid small spaces and setup outside under a tent, in parking lot, or inside other large indoor space.



Our race staff and volunteers will wear face masks/coverings at all times. All participants will be required to wear a face mask/covering during non-competition times, including packet pickup, pre-race, start line corrals and post-race, after crossing the finish line.


Hand sanitizers will be available in all porta-johns. Smaller banks of porta-johns will be setup further apart, and an increased total number of porta-johns will be near the start line. Hand wash and sanitizer stations will be setup throughout the finish line area.


All participants will be required to complete a declaration when checking in (packet pickup) that they are not infected by COVID-19, have not had, nor been in contact with someone experiencing any known symptoms within the previous 14 days, and must agree to take their temperature on race day, prior to arriving. Symptoms: High temperature (100.4 or higher), cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, chills, muscle pain, sore throat, recent loss of taste or smell.


No shuttle buses will be used at any event where they were previously scheduled. Registrants will be responsible for their own transportation. All participants will be required to wear a face mask/covering until after the cross the start line, and keep the mask/covering on their person for the entire race. Disposal of the mask/covering on the course will result in immediate disqualification. Wave starts will be utilized with a set amounts of individuals in each corral. No national anthem or instructions will be made at the start time to minimize time in corral.


No aid stations will be setup for events less than 10K in distance. Participants will need to carry their own hydration. Where aid stations are used, only individual self-serve water bottles will be available, and participants will need to carry their own race nutrition. Recycling bins will be available at aid stations.


Only chip/BIB timing will be available (no pull tags). After crossing the finish line, runners must leave the area ASAP and put back on their face mask/covering. Results will be streamed live and sent to/available on mobile devices. We will not have formal award ceremonies and awards can be picked up at a tent. Finisher medals will be provided at the packet pickup tent by displaying BIB, not at the finish line. Refreshments will be individually wrapped, or whole fruits packaged in advance and distributed in bags.



If You Can’t Follow the Rules, or Have Recently Been Exposed to COVID-19, Please Don’t Attend.

The following participant requirements are being implemented to provide a safe racing environment for our participants, volunteers and staff. They have been developed in consultation with our medical director, county health departments, and they follow USA Triathlon, RRCA, and CDC guidelines for slowing the spread of pandemic contagions. Following these guidelines will be required of all participants, spectators, volunteers and staff. Failure to follow them could impact our ability to stage future events, and will result in disqualification and jeopardize your ability to participate in any of our future events. Let’s all be courteous and respectful to others by following these rules.


  • Be courteous. Wear a mask and practice safe social distancing.
  • Packets will be available during scheduled times only.
  • Packets must be picked up by the registered participant only.
  • Packets will include everything you need for the race, including finisher medals, swag and swim caps.


  • Body Marking
    • You will need to body mark at home, there will be no body marking stations at the event.  
  • Every participant must mark their BIB number on each upper arm, and back of right calf. All participants must be marked in this manner, or will not be allowed to participate.
  • Hydration
    • Plan to carry your own fluids with you on the course.


  • Only athletes and volunteers will be allowed in the Transition Area. No exeptions.
  • Masks/gaiters/face coverings must be worn by all participants and spectators during non-competition times.
  • Disposable masks will be provided in your packets for use at the swim start.
  • Neck gaiters can be/are encouraged to be worn throughout the entire event.
  • Bike racks will be numbered. 6 bikes per rack (3 per side).
  • All participant gear must be placed to the left of their bike.  


  • Spectators will not be allowed in the quarry/beach area.
  • Trillium swim start will line up to the west of the sandy tiers, along the tree line and wrap around the pavilion at the west gate and parking lot.
  • Self seed and maintain a 6′ distance.
  • Progress along the railing above the quarry before moving to the final few steps and entering the water.
  • Trash can will be staged at bottom of quarry steps to discard disposable masks prior to crossing the start mat and entering water.
  • On quarry steps, remain to your far right when entering and exiting the water.


  • Self-seeded duathletes will line up in groups of 10 and start in waves. 
  • There will be 30 seconds in between each wave.
  • Face coverings will be required prior to starting, and may be removed only after crossing the start mat.


  • Maintain social distance principles as much as possible.  Think “drafting” rules while running. 
  • Participants are encouraged to carry their own nutrition and fluids.
  • Only closed, single-serving, self-serve water bottles (no sports drink) will be at the run course water stop.  
  • Do not drop trash on course.
  • Discard water bottles in the provided recycling receptacles only. 
  • If you are not finished with water when passing the receptacle, carry empty bottle to the finish line.
  • Stay to the far right side of the trail on the run.
  • Refrain from high-fives, hugs, and other physical contact with other runners.


  • Continue all the way to the rear of the finish chute and remove your own ankle chip.
  • Place your ankle chip in the designated receptacle before exiting the chute.
  • Exit the finish chute quickly. 
  • Do not wait inside the finish chute for friends and competitors to finish.
  • Water and post-race refreshments will be available as you exit the finish chute.  
  • Results will be posted online and/or sent to your email or in a text message.
  • Awards can be picked up in the registration area after results are finalized, or at Dave’s Running Shop in Perrysburg sometime after the race. 
  • There will be no on-site breakfast/meal, awards ceremony, entertainment, etc.
  • No spectators/family/helpers will be allowed in transition at any time.
  • Only athletes can retrieve their gear from transition.
  • Masks must to be put on as soon as possible following your finish.