Volunteer Coordinator

I have the honor of assisting with the recruiting, placing, and having fun with the BEST volunteers in the land! Without our volunteers we wouldn’t be able to create a memorable experience for participants of Run Toledo events. I joined the the Run Toledo team in 2019 as a finish line coordinator before transitioning to a Volunteer Coordinator Assistant position. I’m also known to provide themed beverages to the team, deliver sweets to the office, and am the brunt of many jokes which make my “fun job” even more enjoyable. I also have been part of the Glass City Marathon Team since 2018.

Unlike most of my teammates, I didn’t grow up around a running community and I wasn’t an athlete. I decided to challenge myself to a 5k in 2013 as a way to create a healthier lifestyle, lose weight, and to say I finished a race. I also believed I would never be a “runner.” Well all these years later I can officially say I’ve completed countless 5k’s, 10k’s, half marathons, and am a 2x marathoner…as of 2021. The running accomplishment I’m most proud of is being a coach for the Dave’s PR5K and MIT programs. I truly love helping other people accomplish their running goals. I’m beyond grateful for the good health running has given me, but also for the people of our running community. We truly are so fortunate in Northwest Ohio.

When I’m not running and working, you can find me spending time in my hometown of Chardon, traveling to the beach, singing out-of-tune to all kinds of old-school music, quoting Friends, cooking, over planning my families schedule with random adventures, or decorating one of my 18+ Christmas trees. I live in Perrysburg with my husband Doug, daughter/side-kick Emma and fur kids Maple (cat) and Clara (Dorgi pup).

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