Lead Timer

In addition to timing races, you’ll find me leading packet pickup and performing Results Coordinator duties during the race. I time many of the mid-sized runs sponsored by Dave’s. At the larger sponsored runs and Run Toledo events, I am Captain for race day packet pickup and results kiosks. I’m also in charge of shirt-exchange and sales on race day. Additionally, I do on course split timing for road races and transition splits for triathlons and duathlons.

I have been a Race Director and Timer for over 40 years. I started out with prediction runs, then pull-tag races, and was on the original computer timing crew for local events. Professionally, I was a special education teacher for 35 years.

I was awarded the RRCA National Volunteer award in 1989 and 2004. I won the Sy Mah Endurance Award (Toledo Roadrunner’s top award) in 1992.  I am also a Certified Timer for Race Day Timing (2019).

I ran for many years, mostly 5k and 10k races.  I then took several years off. In 2018, I began running again with Dave’s training groups. I recently completed my first 5K in a long time.

I love to read, averaging 3-5 books per week. I read mostly fiction, from a variety of genres. I also love biking. In each of the last 27 years, I have completed a week long bike tour, in addition to many shorter day tours. I also own an adult racing/touring scooter and will occasionally go for a 6 mile trip.  I like to canoe, but haven’t been able to get out much lately.

Running has been a huge part of my life since age 16. I was a Founding Member of the Toledo Roadrunners Club in 1976 and met my husband through running their weekly events. My family (8 siblings and dad) all ran for a time. My husband ran marathons and completed in triathlons for many years, until injuries forced him to quit. My son began running in early elementary school and continues to this day. All of my closest friends were originally met through running. I love the positive attitude and the encouragement the runners and triathletes give each other.

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