With the majority of our events consisting of over 1,000 participants, being aware of some basic rules-of-the-road will help make the day enjoyable for everyone.

  1. Review the event page on this website, in-depth.
  2. Read your pre-race emails.
  3. Know the course before you get to the race.
  4. Listen to emcee announcements pre-race.
  5. Follow all safety protocol for the race.
  6. Lineup in the proper corral.
  7. Be courteous and maintain space between yourself and others.
  8. Be patient running through the start line. It’s the most congested area on the course.
  9. Call out “passing on your left/passing on your right” when passing someone in front of you.
  10. Follow a consistent line when turning corners, so you don’t cutoff someone on the inside of you.
  11. Keep running through a water stop and move off to the side before walking or stopping to hydrate.
  12. If wearing headphones, keep the volume low enough so you can hear direction from race staff, marshals, volunteers and police. (we recommend AfterShokz)
  13. Avoid running more than two-abreast and blocking the course.
  14. Keep moving through the finish chute, on to the refreshments.
  15. Line the fencing and cheer others across the finish line.